Best Budget Headphones

From the days when humans invented music to the 21st-century mankind has progressed in the field of technology. From the prehistoric times where mankind would enjoy live music to this date, times have changed. And the era of headphones began when mankind got to know how to convert soundwaves to digital music. Digital music has […]


Work From Home~Essentials

2020, a year of disasters. A year which has changed our lives entirely. A year of losses, a year of hardships, but in the end, we made it through. In this changing environment, one thing that has remained constant is that people still have to work for their living. That’s how the world works. The […]


Cryptocurrency-The Next Big Thing

Today, science and technological advancements are progressing at a pace of light. When the human race shifted from a state of barter system to introducing coins and ended off with paper bills as a medium of exchange who would have thought currency would have transformed into sole numbers kept and stored in bank accounts. Well, […]

Ways to relax


“HUMAN BEINGS”- the best creation of the universe. We, humans, have the potential to create wonders. With the advancement in the field of science and technology, we achieved a lot. But in this advancement of conquering the world, we forgot how to live. In the current world, we are so focused and determined in achieving […]