Best Curly Hair Tips In 2020 | How To Manage And Style Curly Hair

You might have complained a lot about your curly hair but that does not mean you should not love your bushes! So let’s talk about the good things about having curly hair.

Curls are cool, girls with curly hair look different than others and always catches attention. However, it needs proper care and love from you to keep it frizz-free and manageable.

In this article, I will tell you how easily you can manage your hair and make it look healthy and beautiful. 

Oil your hair:

Curly hair can more ofter be very difficult to manage and it is very essential to apply oil at least twice in a week to keep the hair manageable even after hair wash. You can find many different oils for curly hair. Coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil are very famous and you easily available as well. I would suggest you go for coconut oil as it helps to prevent hair breakage and stimulate hair growth.

Select an organic virgin coconut oil, you can pretty much find this at any grocery store.

Section your hair in two parts and divide your section into four pieces and apply the oil.

It may look really greasy but it’s okay. Take a hair tie and put the hair over. You can use a plastic cap to hold the moister intact.

Hair Wash:

Before you style your hair you have to wash it right! And this is the .most important part to style your hair.
The better you wash your hair, the more good result you are likely to get.

Use a mild gentle paraben and sulfate-free shampoo. These two ingredients can cause more damage and dryness to your hair.

Also using a conditioner is also very important for curly hair, as it will reduce the dryness. Use a good moisturizing conditioner for better results. It will reduce tangling your hair. I will suggest you comb your hair during hair was to detangle your hair. 

Hair Styling products: a hair styling product for your curls is a must. It helps to hold the curls all day long. But if you think that using too much product will give you the best result, that is not true. Using too many products can make the hair dry and frizzy.

You need to check if the product is heavy or not. You will be able to identify this based on is’s viscosity or how thick the product is.

Any product that has shea butter and coconut oil can weigh the hair down tremendously.

Rather I would suggest to look for more water based product that are thin in consistency and light weight texture.

Application Of The Product:

styling your curly hair

Every person will have their own way to use the product and they might have their own technique to apply the product. I will help you with the best technique that will help you to achieve volume and definition in the roots. And I can guarantee you that you will achieve the best result.

You need to identify the right time to apply the hair product is very important for curly hair routine. 

You should not apply the product when it is super wet. You do not want so much moisture in your hair as you are going to be adding more moisture to your hair by applying the product. 

If you put the hair product on dripping wet hair, it’s going to make your hair heavy and it will take forever to dry. 

But you have to make sure your hair is wet enough that you can hear the squish. In this way you are assuring that your product will get through your hair evenly and easily.

You have to make sure you are not applying the product directly on your root and not close to the scalp. It can weigh your roots down and you will not get the desire volume.

But what you should do is, you should always start from mids and ends and rake it through to make sure the product is saturated. And then gradually move up to the roots and use a brush to thoroughly apply the product. 

I would suggest you to invest some money on Denman brush, it will help you to detangle your hair when it is wet and also help you to distribute the product evenly and it can cut down your detangling time. 

Hair Gel:

This part is optional but you can use a hair gel for more definition.

Take the product on you your hands and scrunch it in. It will ensure you are using less product and you won’t be getting near to your roots. But you can always apply a little bit to your roots if you want. 

Drying Your Hair:

I would suggest you go for air-drying your hair if you have time as heat can make your hair more dry and freezy. But you can get a defuser to get best results. 

Share Your Thoughts with me!I have shared my ways to maintain and style my hair in this post. Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Also please let me know if you have some other technique to style your hair so that I and my friends can also learn from you. I look forward to receiving feedback from you.

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