“HUMAN BEINGS”- the best creation of the universe. We, humans, have the potential to create wonders. With the advancement in the field of science and technology, we achieved a lot. But in this advancement of conquering the world, we forgot how to live. In the current world, we are so focused and determined in achieving our goals that we almost forgot how to live our lives. We forgot the part where we should be in whole to ourselves. Almost all the population of the earth are in a race with one another. “MONEY” has become so important in our lives that it has left us crippled. In the midst of everything in the modern world problems, we are now quite familiar with the word “ DEPRESSION”.

What is Depression?

Depression (major depressive disorder) is a common and serious medical condition that has a negative effect on how you feel, how you think and how you act. This is a psychological problem that can be found in every age group and impacts due to causes in events of real-life experience.

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You can not hit all the rocks with the same force. Some might break quickly some might not. Likewise we humans experience a lot of events in our daily lives, but how much we can process is subjective and depends upon person to person. You might not always get into what you desire the most in your life, but in the end, everything comes down to your potential. If a person has the right potential in the desired field the person will accomplish it. So if you are reading this article being depressed then shake it off, in the end, I hope this might help you in understanding and relaxing. Now just take a breath and ask yourself what is that you want from your life? Once you get an answer, encounter that answer with the question asking: is that of more importance than your life? I guess it is not. If you think logically, what is the use of such a desire if you are not there to accomplish it.

Effects of Depression

The effect of depression can be observed with the change in one’s mood and behaviour. The most common symptoms being:

● Effecting a person’s thinking capability than usual

● Featuring Sadness

● Difficulty in thinking and concentration

● Significant increase or decrease in eating habits

● Significant increase or decrease in sleeping habits

Ways to relax

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Now as you have a basic idea of what is causing your problem let’s get into how you can get relaxed and cope with your problems with depression

The first phase should be your acceptance. There is no remedy for a patient who does not want to get treated. You have to accept the fact that you are getting through depression, and this is not a big deal at all. Honestly, it isn’t, in the age of modernisation this is quite a serious problem and a lot of people are facing it. Hence this is not a problem that you need to suppress.

After you have accepted your problem the second phase should be giving time to yourself. Understanding your problems by yourself is needed, cause in the end no one else is not in your shoes. Only you yourself know what you’re going through or what problems you are facing in your life. Running away from problems will not bring a remedy to your problem. You have to stand and face the problems. As a result, take your time. Give yourself some time, understand the problems, face them, move on.

After the completion of your second phase, the third should be talking to someone or opening up to someone. Yes, you need to solve the problems by yourself but at the same time, you should talk about what you are going through. It can be your doctor, a person you look upto, a person you love. A simple sentence the person you love can help you calm down. A simple suggestion from a trained and professional doctor can help you take a few steps forward. Holding on to your pains will only lead to chaos within yourself. Scream, cry do whatever you want just let your pains flush out. I know it might be difficult especially for people who are introverted. But in the end until and unless you are not letting somebody help you you can not help yourself.

Finally, after you follow and understand this article I hope things get easier for you. Always remember THE SUN WILL RISE AGAIN, just hang in there. Things will get better, never lose hope.

Hope this was helpful, if u enjoyed a reference to this page would be highly appreciated. Thanks for reading.

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