Fitness In Pandemic

Fitness is the condition of a person to be physically and mentally fit to lead a healthy life. During the former times, the citizens were well aware of the importance of fitness. Have we ever thought about why the people of former times tend to live many years? According to them ”fitness is as important as earning money” which has to be practised daily. They created a balance between their physical and mental health via practising various fitness activities. People of the ’90s had a well-maintained body which helped them to live many years. They were conscious about all the in-takes in their day-to-day life and they only had organic or desi food items to remain fit.

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WHAT IS THE CURRENT SITUATION REGARDING FITNESS: Talking about this generation, everyone does not seem to prioritize fitness. Technological advancements have already led people to spent more time on their screens such as mobiles and laptops instead of worrying about their health. This pandemic led people to not do anything and remain busy, they have become more slothful, tired, dizzy, slouched as and when everything switched to “work and learn from home.”The daily physical and mental activity which took place before the pandemic has now stopped entirely. People used to walk with their friends and family while going for their respective work which kept them physically and mentally fit. But due to this pandemic, our body stopped responding to any such physical and mental activities. Being unaware about how long this pandemic would last, people should start taking care of themselves by staying healthy and also know the importance of fitness.

WHAT ARE THE PROBLEMS WHICH PEOPLE ARE FACING DURING THIS ONGOING PANDEMIC: Earlier people were unaware of the meaning of the words like depression, anxiety, eating, emotional and behavourial disorders, stress, insomnia, overthinking, thyroid, various body pains, etc. But due to this pandemic, on average of more than 55% of people are suffering from these mental and health issues. Have we ever thought about why these problems are taking place? These problems are caused because there is no proper functioning taking place in our bodies. People are going through a lot and that is directly affecting their mental health and simultaneously it is affecting our physical health. Everyone is laying on their beds and attend their classes or work from home. Our day ends in performing these activities and no physical and mental activity is taking place. Our body becomes stiff and prone to mental and physical health issues. 

HOW TO BE MENTALLY CALM AND FOCUS DURING THIS PANDEMIC: We all know “working out makes you healthier and happier.” Nobody can push a person until a person pushes himself or herself to work towards its fitness. If a person is motivated from within, nobody can stop them. Many doctors have claimed that mental and physical issues occur due to staying at home and not allowed to go outside. People have to take out time for themselves and do any physical exercise which makes them happy. People have to be consistent and working out regularly will help them to see results of improvement in their body which that will motivate them to work even harder for themselves. Even a small amount of activity can make a big difference to how a person feels and thinks. Exercise is one of the most important tools to be mentally and physically fit and fine. It helps to ease out depression, stress, anxiety, and all sorts of problems, it also helps to maintain our blood pressures, improves sleep, strengthens our immune system. Instead of crying about our problems, we should start doing physical activities which will help us to lead a healthy life.

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HOW CAN WE KEEP OURSELVES FIT DURING THIS PANDEMIC: As we all know that gyms are closed and due to financial conditions, everyone can’t afford the gym membership even in this pandemic. But the easiest aspect of staying fit is working out in our homes. There is a direct relationship between our diet, physical activities, and our health. “The way we treat our body, it will treat us back the same way”. So, our body needs to maintain a proper balance between a good diet and exercise. Staying at home makes us crave junk food, by which we end up ordering them and not performing any physical activity to burn those calories. Rather people have to eat healthily and brace their core for every exercise. We should perform physical activities according to our comfort zone.  Some of the practices are:-

Yoga and meditation improve strength, balance, flexibility, manages stress, provides relaxation, back pain relief, increases positivity, and reduces negative energy entering our body. Yoga is being practised from former times and our elders recommend we practise yoga every single day. We can do yoga according to our preferences and it is also said that performing yoga using a yoga mat will help us to insulate our human body with the ground. Check out some recommendations:


Exercise helps us to control our excess weight, combats health conditions and diseases, boosts energy. Exercises can be fun and social if we make them by practising them daily. People should maintain a list of exercises with proper counts which should be followed every single day and we won’t make mistakes while working out. Some of the exercises are sit-ups, pull-ups, plank, leg raises, cycling while laying, movement of the hand. Once we start working out, we can increase our daily dose because our adaptability will increase. If a person does not want to do exercises they can learn and do 10 Surya namaskars every day. Suryanamaskars are very effective, people should start practising it 30 minutes a day and they will see results very soon. 

Our home cannot be converted into a gym but we can surely do some workouts which we used to practice in our gym without a gym trainer. People might require some instruments for weight liftings such as dumbbells, push-up bars, pull-up assist exercise band, etc. Using these instruments will help them to work out even more appropriately and making investments in these small instruments will not cost us much. Dumbles From Amazon:

Dancing and stretching are activities that help people to stay positive and take interest in their workouts. Zumba is the most popular dance and exercise form through which you can reduce weight and remain fit. People can follow many videos on youtube or can book an online session for learning and practising Zumba. People who love dancing can work out regularly by practising these activities.

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These are some tips through which we can remain fit during this pandemic.  These tips will help to increase your immunity system which is the most important aspect during this pandemic. Loving your body is very important because this will lead you to keep your body fit. Only you have to work out for yourself as this will help you in the future. There are only benefits of remaining fit and there are no negative effects of remaining fit, so please start working on yourself. “Consistency is the key to success.” We do not know when this pandemic ends so it is very important to take care of ourselves and our loved ones respectively. We should educate our loved ones to remain fit. People do not have to visit doctors if they are fit and fine. If we have a properly balanced lifestyle and good fitness, we can never face any mental or physical health issues. Studies and jobs are important but fitness is also important equally. 

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