Music Therapy To Reduce Stress

“Music Therapy”: A term describing a healing process with the help of music. So in accordance with the definition, we can come to the conclusion where the problem of stress can also be treated with Music therapy. Science has proven Music Therapy as a solution to a lot of problems in our lives, especially the ones connected mentally. This form of therapy does not only help in overcoming stress but also problems related to one’s physical, emotional, and social changes. In this article, we will be discussing how music therapy can help us in reducing stress.

What happens when you listen to music?

Have you ever had a change in mood after listening to a specific song? A feeling of joy, a feeling of nostalgia, a feeling of emotional breakdown? I guess you might have. In simple terms, the reason behind this is: when we listen to music the sound waves of the music reach up to the nerve receptors of our brain which then causes the change in feelings. Similarly, when we are under stress our nerve receptors go in a hyper state of motion. With the proper programs or sequence of music prescribed by a music therapist, the sound waves contained in the music reaches our brain receptors and helps the nerves to calm down. A study in 2017 has shown 30 minutes of a music therapy session with proper physical care can reduce back pain after spinal surgery. Evolving with the age of time nowadays music therapy is used to treat a lot of problems like brain injuries, physical rehab, and pain management. Also, it is in daily usage with a lot of clinics, hospitals, schools and much more,

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Treatment with Music Therapy

With the evolving advancements in the field of science and technology Music therapy can be used in treating:

● Nervousness

● Delayed Stress Syndrome

● Anger Management

● Psychiatric Disorder

Types of Music Therapy:

Music therapy can be of two types

i) Receptive: This therapy involves receiving the sound waves of particular music. This helps in the amplification of our nerve cells in response to the music and causing a soothing effect on the feelings we feel.

ii) Active: This therapy involves physical contact with a musical instrument. This can be a type of instrument you like so as to release negativity or stress from the body in the form of music. People also use active music therapy to express their current way of feeling.

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Ways to Relax with music therapy:

Total relaxation: Try listening to Soothing Music with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones or earbuds. Nowadays there are a lot of budget-friendly headphones available in the market which you can use. Concentrate on hearing the music with a volume that is comfortable to you, neither too high nor too low.

Time: Everything needs time to develop. If you expect to feel changes in a few minutes after listening to music then you are wrong. Do not try to force the music into embedding you. Rather give it some time and just put your body in relaxation. Let your body adapt to the music as the music waves reach your nerve receptors. After a certain point in time, you will start feeling the changes.

At your ease: The whole point of this method is to relax in your own space. There is no exact time at which you should listen to music. In the daily world where we all are working continuously to achieve our goals and aspirations, it is not possible to follow a strict time table of everything. Load up a few kinds of music you find soothing and take them along with your smartphone. Whenever you are in your free time enjoy the music. It can be your time while you are driving towards your office or while you are in the gym or at the dinner table after a stressful day at work.

Professional Consultant: There are a lot of professional therapists who can help you with music therapy. A person who is having the experience will help you achieve better results in a shorter period of time.

Why music therapy is Beneficial:

Music therapy helps in the following ways:

● Overcoming Stress

● Controls mood swings

● Maintains balance in blood pressure and cholesterol

● Sleep Enhancement

● Pain Management

All in all, these are the ways you can utilize music therapy on overcoming to your problems. Hope this was helpful if u enjoyed a reference to this page would be highly appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

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