Top 5 SEO Firms for your business

As the name suggests Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) means getting the maximum number of visitors on your website by ensuring that your website name appears in the search results of various search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.


SEO firms provide various services like SEO audit, competitor analysis, custom strategy, off-page and on-page optimisation, monthly reports, and progressive optimisation. An SEO firm ensures to generate a larger audience by providing appropriate content for your website, usage of keywords, providing links, using trending hashtags, thinking out of the box, and will promote it as much as they can. An SEO firm makes your company one step better than you can and will achieve the target.

Companies like Apple, Reebok, Puma, etc do not have to promote themselves like other companies because they already have a wider part of the audience but a new company requires more engagement towards their website so that people get to know about your company and the services provided by you. A company may not know what may bring traffic to their website or how to attract a larger audience. So these companies require help from the SEO firms wherein they provide professional services and helps in the growth of the company. The part where your company was going wrong will be fixed by an SEO firm.


#1 Seo Valley:


SEOValley™ understands the importance of delivering comprehensive, result-oriented, and affordable solutions. They are ranked as #1 in India and #5 in the USA. They are associated with International countries named Australia, USA. Their main strategy is to bring high returns on your SEO investment by using advanced performance measurement, reporting, and quality control tools. It also ensures that the whole campaign will bring in relevant leads especially the people who are ready to lick that ‘buy’ button. The brand of SEO reduces your marketing costs in the long run and increases more sales for your company. They understand the global and local market in-depth and it is an award-winning company with its teams located in Bhopal, Bangalore, Glasgow, and Sydney. Unlike the smaller SEO companies, they have the experience and intelligence to steer up your online strategy in the right direction.


Talking about the case study of Styloko brand, which is a Fashion discovery website where people will find the clothes they want. The site wanted organic and quality traffic as they target women of the UK for selling their products. Though the site had a decent ranking, they did not have growth of their site for which Styloko hired SEOValley™. Firstly SEO Valley performed a detailed technical review to ensure google’s index on all pages, they started a detailed SEO audit to solve the technical issues. The detailed SEO audit helped to resolve the issue of duplicate URLs, SSL, etc problems, as well as improved the site elements. Secondly, they worked on on-page improvement which dealt with a finding of relevant keywords for the site. Lastly, they recreated the page structure as well as the content placing strategy for the product pages. As a result, their categories and products got the highest number of new visits, it also improved the site ranking, their new launches got more popular because of the increased traffic. For more portfolios


Firm Overview

Page traffic is one of the first and foremost SEO companies in India since 2002 they have started to offer their professional services. They have created a strong presence not only in India but also in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada as well as the rest of Asia. They are trusted for their expertise and experience by setting new quality standards and creating new landmarks for the companies. It provides comprehensive SEO packages and proper PPC services and is also a competitively priced package in the industry. From all the small and individual webmasters to large corporations, their services have been favored in and around the broad spectrum.  Beyond search engine optimization, Page Traffic helps their client to achieve their project goals through Social Media Marketing and Web Designing services. They assure the companies to meet their end-to-end Internet marketing solutions.


Talking about the case study of Stamp and seals, which specialized in manufacturing of desk, handheld embossers. They deal in wax seals, wax sticks, etc. They hired Page Traffic to expand their reach and gaining more clients. When they contacted Page Traffic they almost got disappeared from google search results. Page Traffic’s first strategy was to get them back on google search results. They converted the dynamic pages into static pages. Page traffic helped the company to have natural listings rather than pay-per-click listings. Page traffic later designed the company of their client and helped in optimization of their site by helping them to use proper keywords which helped them to increase their sale initially. As a result, they started getting 60% site traffic only from search engines, they first shipped locally but after the SEO campaign they started shipping globally, the site secured the natural listings on google. For more portfolios visit



E-Search Logix is an Indian-based company that provides excellent search engine optimization promotional services with an array of online marketing services to strengthen your business competitiveness. Strict adherence to search engine guidelines and White Hat SEO practices. It helps your business to gain business popularity, revenues, and high ranking by developing a unique and result-driven digital marketing strategy. Logix has unique, customized, and affordable SEO solutions which will help the small business to reap our benefits from your business promotions. Their main focus is on organic content creation and manual submission.  They follow and deliver the best services of “on-page” and “off-page” search engine optimization. Agile design process based on iterative and intuitive approaches, rich user insights resulting in impactful capabilities.


Talking about the clients of E-Search Logix, they have worked with more than 600 clients and helped them gain organic traffic on their website and they have also helped in on-page optimizations for their clients by using the relatable and the highest demanded keywords. They used the keyword which is having a top 10 ranking in search engine results. For more portfolio visit

#4 Indeed SEO


 Indeed SEO has a team of experienced professionals and has experience of more than 10 years on SEO. They provide their service over 24*7. They deliver their projects on time with proper result-oriented services. You can outsource your projects to them. They work on all the projects accordingly as each project requires a different form of strategy. They consult and show their task performance and give you proper updates on the services they are providing. Getting the first position in Google means thousands of free traffic to your website. They will provide a guaranteed #1 position in SERP within the given time frame as they will work on bringing thousands of free traffic to your website. Their services include various online marketing services including SEO, SEM, PPC, ORM, content writing, and inbound links.


Talking about the company SmallRig designs and produces professional-quality rigs for their customers. They had a very low ranking and their keywords did not exist before they hired an INDEED SEO firm. Their traffic on the website was also too low.  After hiring the SEO firm attracted meta description by finding out the required keyword from the website. The SEO experts created profiles on different social media handles to attract more traffic to their website. They did blog and video submission, image sharing, forum posting, etc. As a result, after 4 months they were able to push 4-5 keywords on the first page of the search engine results, this gradually helped to improve their ranking and ended up increasing their sales as well. For more portfolios visit



SEO Experts Company India provides four important services that are important to drive organic traffics towards your website. Firstly, in the master step of Website SEO Audit where they scan your website from the Search Engine Perspective to determine the course of the bespoke SEO process. Secondly, the highly significant one is the usage of keywords where they do in-depth research on long and short tail keywords, geo-based keywords, and selection of the keywords. Thirdly, they offer optimization of meta-description and title tags or content optimization as indicated with the website audit with the help of their team for your “on-page” optimization. They improvise your website by making it search-engine friendly to make it rank higher. Lastly, in “off-page” website optimization, they aim to give top SEO results driving more traffic to your website, leads, and revenue to your business. It also involves creating authority backlinks, getting the reference from other sites and using content promotional methods.


Talking about the company LetsShave sells shaving products for their customers. Before hiring SEO Experts company, they wanted to fetch more sales from their online store, they did not have organic traffic and did not result in top ranking. SEO Experts company worked into reconstructing their client’s website, which required including prominent keywords, alt texting pictures, page titles, meta tags, and creating links. They added quality content to improve visibility, they did the internal linking to establish site architecture. They helped in increasing the backlinks by a process of consistent link building. As a result, their website started gaining an immense amount of traffic and also helped them to be on the top rank of search engine results which indirectly helped them to gain more orders for their products For more portfolio visit

All in all above mentioner are some popular SEO firms that will take the necessary steps and ensure that your company gets more organic traffic. One shall hire these companies to provide professional and different services for their audiences. Your company will appear in the top results of the search engine. An SEO firm provides services that an ordinary company cannot think of. An SEO firm is specialized in providing different strategies and in-depth solutions to your problem and they also have in-depth knowledge about search engine optimization. All the companies need to be on top, they should hire an SEO firm to have a better understanding of their website and traffic

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