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Youtube is such a huge platform to show your talent and earn money. All of us prefer watching and making videos on youtube rather than any other platform on social media. We get all types of videos on youtube and the videos are owned by some of the other content creators. The content creators have claimed the copyright or authorization of every video they make or release on youtube.

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In our school days, our teachers asked us to quote our answers with relatable author’s quotes to make our answers strong, likewise, the content creators try to add the videos or clip to their videos which are relatable to their videos to make their videos more entertaining for the audience. But on youtube, there are restrictions on using the copyrighted content of the other creators.  There are many rules and procedures you have to follow if you use a copyright claim.


Every creator has their Content ID on youtube. If any creator uses the content of the original content creator in their videos, then before uploading the content ID will match the original content creator, and then a Content Id claim will be opposed on the creator. The content Id claim will not be opposed if the original creator grants permission of using their videos. There are many rules and regulations if a creator uses copyrighted content. They may have to take down their video. That particular video may be blocked by youtube from uploading. They may have to pay a huge amount if any copyrighted claim comes to your name. So that is why the creators are scared of any copyright claim on their videos and they have to make videos accordingly.

The youtube has added a feature where the clip which has copyrighted content can be removed or the sound can be muted then and there only as they have introduced the facility of editing on youtube itself. The creator does not have to do edit the video again or the entire video will not be blocked by youtube. This is the one possible way to remove the copyright claim. The other way is to pay the original creator if you use their content


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If the video has to be taken down or the sound has to mute from your videos, this will make your videos more boring and will not be entertaining anymore because that particular part of the video was making your video more interesting and entertaining. So, to not have copyright claims and to make your videos entertaining and interesting, there are many alternative sites through which you can use free stock videos, music and can add in your youtube videos. The alternative royalty-free videos websites are:-

•  PIXABAY: Pixabay has over a million videos and images, that are released under the Creative Common Zero (CCO) License. You don’t have to get permission or give credit to the original content creator. You can use them without any restrictions and can make your videos more relatable and interesting. They have their videos and images in HD quality as well.

  • PEXELS: Pexels is a free picture and video site, all the pictures and videos are of full HD quality. They have enough pixels on their videos that would look great on the screen.
  • LIFE OF VIDS: Life of vids have their collection of videos, clips from an advertising agency known as Leeroy. There is no copyright restriction but if you redistribute their videos on other sites then it is limited to only 10 videos, New videos are added weekly and they have a beautiful collection of videos and images.
  • SPLITSHIRE: A web designer named Daniel Nanescu wanted people to use his photos and videos free for personal and commercial use. It makes these sites from others as the videos and photos are clicked by one person only. The videos are drone footage of outdoor scenes and have a beautiful collection.
  • DISTILL: Distill is a free site that is a collection of carefully curated stock footage by creatives. You just have to submit your email address and then they will provide you 10 videos every day which is handpicked by their team.
  • STOCK FOOTAGE 4 FREE: Stock footage 4 free has a wide variety of videos. You just have to provide your email and you can access the entire stock of professional videos.
  • VIDEEZY: Videezy provides a large collection of video clips that are royalty-free for both personal and commercial use as well. Their video quality is present both in HD and 4K resolution and they don’t ask to give them credit also for the videos you use.
  • VIDEOBLOCKS: Videoblocks provides a huge collection of aerial footage, time-lapse videos, and standard B-Roll clips of environments and situations. You have to pay for this app to become a member but you can download 5 files in the 7 days of the free trial.
  • VIDSPLAY: Vidsplay is a royalty-free site where new videos are added weekly and it has a wide range of videos.
  • SOUNDSTRIPE: Soundstripe is also a site that provides videos and music but people have to pay for this website and then only they can use the site.

These are some alternative websites for the copyrighted content which the content creators can use for their youtube videos. They can use the Youtube Royalty free music. This will help them to create great content and will add more creativity to their video, this will also make them more entertaining as well as interesting. Content creators do not have to be scared of copyright claims if they use these alternative websites. 

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